The Best Travel Destinations For 2020

The 5 Spots You Must Discover In 2020

Picking your next vacation destination is not an easy decision, as you always want this vacation to be better than your last. Perhaps the list of five top destinations will help you make the right choice.

Florianopolis in Brazil

If you have never been to South America before, this is one of the best places to start. This city is the capital of Santa Catarina, which is found along the Atlantic coast. This place has unspoiled nature, tranquil white sand beaches, and beautiful landscapes which characterize the city itself.

Go see Machu Picchu, Peru

In this city, history is rich and vibrant. Machu Picchu has been occupied and found by the Indians, explorers of old, the Spanish colonists and occupied by ancient tribes. One of the main reasons many people visit here is to explore the hidden temples. Built by the Incas in the 1400s, this incredible historic city may seem like a myth, but it is actually very real indeed, and is nestled in the middle of two mountains, in the Andes mountain range 2,340 meters above sea level. Americans became aware of its existence in 1911, when Hiram Bingham stumbled across the city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There really is no city as vibrant as Rio. As a result of significant amounts of tourism in recent years, the city has grown considerably, primarily because of the many landmarks, exotic culture, and the vibrant nature of the area. The attractions in this city include the sunny, beautiful beaches, the many festivals, and the exciting nightlife. The city is full of old architecture, and along with the beaches, people will have a lot to take pictures of. The most famous icon is the Cristo Redentor statue located at the top of Corcovado Mountain.

The Breathtaking Iguazu Falls in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay

Located along the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay are the Iguazul Falls — truly one of the wonders of our modern world! At about 3 KM in width, Iguazu Falls is awe-inspiring to look at, even if you have seen it before. About 80% of the falls are located on the Argentinian side of the border and most of the remaining 20% are in Brazil. The waterfall is the second largest in the world, behind the famous Niagara Falls. Touring the Falls by boat is a must and has become a major tourist attraction in all three countries!

Buenos Aires, Argentina – A Unique And Unforgettable Fusion Of Cultures

Buenos Aires is very unique and there is no place like it, and this is mainly due to the cultures that are found there. Positioned on the southern shore of the La Plata River, it has a bustling nightlife that is also very popular with tourists. The first government building in the city, as well as local cafés, should also be frequented by tourists. Another popular attraction is the pink house, home to the President of the Republic. Florida Street is one of the most important streets, not to mention one of the main streets, in Buenos Aires, an important commercial center that features cafés, restaurants and many shops. Stop by the Cathedral of Mitropolten, which houses the cemetery that is the final resting place of Argentinian fighter Jose de San Martin, one of the country’s biggest ever national icons. Visiting Buenos Aires is like visiting South America’s cultural center.

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