What 2015 Has To Offer For Search Engine Optimization

Top SEO Trends For 2015

The scene of the search engine optimization world is constantly changing. Recently, a number of what you would call stable SEO techniques have been rendered useless by Google algorithm updates. This has meant that other techniques have gained a following. With this trend, it is not difficult to imagine that SEO professionals must continue to find ways to adapt and survive the often harsh world of internet marketing.

What can be expected in the world of SEO in 2015? Some of the changes that began in 2014 will continue to evolve and result in marketing practices that are more efficient and improved website optimization.

Mobile Websites Will Become More and More Important

Business without mobile optimized websites will most likely not only see their amount of incoming leads shrink, but might also see a decrease in rankings.

Statistics show that 80% of all US consumers search for online shopping sites and local business online on their smartphone. The expected shift from desktop to mobile finally happened in 2014 as mobile browsing took over desktop browsing. Use of tablets, smartphones and other personal devices will continue to grow. Thus, in 2015 everyone needs to be ready for the mobile revolution.

Like traditional SEO techniques, those that are designed for mobile devices create fast loading responsive pages. Bear in mind that viewer experience is key to any successful SEO and in keeping to this, the mobile website should have nothing short of any impeccable function.

Keywords Will Not Be As Important Anymore

Picking out good keywords and sprinkling them through a site used to be a mainstay of search engine optimization. No longer. They have slowly lost some of their significance over the past couple of years.

The experience of the online auduience is again returning to a focus on the quality of the website content, as well as the online reputation of the company. Density of keywords no longer exerts a crucial influence. Quality over quantity is going to make all the difference here.

Consumers are now looking to build quality relationships with websites and brands. Providing valuable content is perhaps one of the most effective strategies in achieving that goal. Content should be engaging, unique, well-written and add value. The longer someone spends their time exploring a site, the bigger the impact on the search engines.

The Ascent of Multimedia Content

Of course, general text is always going to have a role to play, but so is multimedia in the modern age of SEO.

Audiences in this day and age are looking to get the most ‘bang for their buck’ when it comes to time spent online. This is shown in the tendency for people to be drawn in by video clips, slideshows and infographics.

Visitors are more likely to engage more with a site that contains multimedia. This type of content also often goes viral, increasing the amount of visitors or social media followers. Videos are widely shared on social media. SEO strategies are now being built around the idea of getting as many likes and shares as possible.

It is essential that experts in SEO and marketing who are not yet using multimedia, do so as soon as possible. This is the only way to see massive improvements with search engine rankings.

The way that high search engine rankings are drifting towards sites with an organic blend of quality content and positive visitor experience is a good thing. Give the viewers what they are looking for and the results will speak for themselves. The need for intelligent online marketing, including smart SEO, is only going to increase over time. Paying attention to SEO trends and the changes in SEO practice is vital for anyone who wants to build an online presence.

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