What Does The Future Of Search Engine Optimization Look Like In 2020?

Search Engine Optimization in 2020 – What To Expect

Many times a year search engine optimization will have changes made to it. Every time a search engine like Google changes their ranking algorithms, some SEO techniques must be abandoned as ineffective. This has meant that other techniques have gained a following. As SEO continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how this will change the way that people do search engine optimization in the future.

What trends will take the spotlight in SEO utilization and application in 2020? Search engine optimization specialists will continue perfecting the new methods to create the best marketing tools.

The growth of mobile optimization

Those companies that still haven’t updated their website to be optimized for mobile browsing stand to lose out on all the amazing opportunities in improving their positioning on the search engine results pages.

People are turning to their mobile devices when shopping online, with as many as four out of five consumers following this trend according to a recent study. 2019 was the tipping point; now mobile browsing is actually surpassing desktop usage. The increase in the availability and use of mobile devices (tablets as well as smartphones) isn’t going to slow down any time soon. For this reason, it is imperative to create a website with responsive design in mind.

The key to great mobile website optimization relies mainly on building responsive pages that load quickly on a mobile device. Additionally, website visitors must have positive experiences as this is a prime determining factor in successful SEO; therefore, website functioning must be perfect.

Keywords: Not As Important As They Used To Be

Keywords held a huge significance in SEO particularly in online content writing. However, this is no longer true.

Establishing a good online reputation and quality content will focus once again on the audience’s online experience. The frequency of keywords is not the primary consideration in the content creation of today and the future. Now the quality, quantity, and frequency of content updates are the figures to maximize.

Internet users want to engage with the sites of their favorite brands. Such a goal can be reached through attention-worthy content. It must be content that makes sense, draws in the reader, and leaves them wanting more. The total amount of time users spend on a site is becoming just as important as the sheer number of visitors who arrive.

Rising Importance of Multimedia Content

Although traditional text is essential to a website, there has been an increase in the prominence and popularity of multimedia content.

Today’s audience wants everything quickly, preferable in bite sized chunks. Videos, slideshows and infographics are very efficient ways to draw attention to your content.

Using multimedia content is a great way to entice visitors to stay on the site. An additional bonus to this type of content is that it can easily be shared, possibly becoming viral. People like to share videos on social networks. Search engine optimization techniques will need to include more likes and shares as they gain significance.

As a marketing and SEO expert, making multimedia content an important part of your SEO campaign should be one of your priorities for 2020. This strategy should lead to a significant improvement in term of search result ranking, traffic and user engagement.

The way that high search engine rankings are drifting towards sites with an organic blend of quality content and positive visitor experience is a good thing. The websites that perform the best in 2020 will be those that provide visitors with what they were looking for and what they want. Information online is always being sought after and this desire will continue to rise in the upcoming months and/or years. Keeping up with the changes in the world of SEO will be key to having an interested audience and maintaining a strong online presence.

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