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Whole Influence

content agency and startup network powered by the team behind the Health Bloggers Community

Home of the first Network of health and wellness startups

There are SO many things you could be doing to foster relationships in your business: contacting influencers and bloggers, email marketing, social media, press, live streaming, webinars, Facebook advertising – yes, our head is spinning as well.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

So how do you decide which strategies will help you make money in your growing brand? And how do you implement those strategies so you can get results – fast?

Join our private platform, where we share latest opportunities, news and events

From networking events to panels and talks, we have an amazing calendar of opportunities

Connect with experts and professional to help you with tasks of your business

With new masterclasses released monthly, we provide you with training to grow your business.

About the Network

Content Creation

We understand that creating content can take up time: this is why we create content on your behalf to make sure you never find yourself out of content ever again. We specialise in photography for websites, product launches, rebrands, campaigns or social media, recipe development and photography for online campaigns. We also love to work on stop motion and animations.

Make your products come to life with our amazing shoots

Catch your audience's attention with crafted stop motion content

Recipes and food styling to make sure your products stand out

Stop motion videos will help you create engaging unboxing content and recipes.

These are some of the best lifestyle images I've seen, really impressed with these and how the pizzas look!

Arron - Buyer at Ocado, about our Planet Pizza Shoot

Thank you team, I love the new content, clearly captures the spirit of the brand. Especially the photo in the orange shirt, looking amazing!

Prab - Founder of Chirrup Foods

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