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Marketing, Content and Social Media

We build relationships through
marketing and content.

Audits & Hands-on Makeovers

You can learn a lot from an examination of how you manage your online brand, and social profiles can fall into disrepair quickly when left alone.

  • £ 97 Social Media & Website Audit
  • Are your channels really service your audience best, and converting as they SHOULD?

    An audit can help get things back on track: for social media audits, we include a video evaluation of current social media profiles as well as competitor and industry research and unique content creation plan. We also provide hands-on setup of selected social networks and WordPress updates.

    This service is for you if:

    You are an influencer, entrepreneur or product-based brand juggling too many things

    You are not seeing the results you are expecting from your accounts and are tired of wasting time on social media without a clear strategy

    You need to optimise your channels and website for specific goals and direction on how to meet them more efficiently

  • £ 250 Instagram Makeover
  • Imagine your Instagram feed to be a welcome mat for your brand. Is it reflecting who you are?

    Our aim is to provide a roadmap and tools you need to grow your brand through Instagram. Generate sales, drive traffic to your website, find advocates and develop and grow an impactful Instagram strategy in order to support more people with your incredible projects, services, and products.

    This service is for you if:

    You are an influencer, entrepreneur or product-based brand looking to create relationships via Instagram

    Your Instagram visuals do not reflect who you really are as a brand

    You are spending hours on Instagram but do not see any result from it

    You are looking to grow your customer base, and better understand KPIs

    You are looking to grow your customer base and advocates, as well as partnerships

  • £ 450 Marketing & Social Media Workshop
  • Have you got a launch, a campaign or a new product in the pipeline?

    There is nothing worse than creating something awesome for nobody to enjoy! Let us do the hard work of planning and strategising, so that you can implement a clear marketing strategy in less than 30 minutes per day. This workshop includes a tailored session as well as two audits and an Instagram Makeover, all worth over £750.

    This service is for you if…

    You are an entrepreneur, small business owner or marketing manager looking to create a strategy around your social media activity

    You are tired of spending most of your evenings replying to Instagram DMs

    You know collaborations are key on social media, but do not know WHEN to fit relationship into your busy day

    You are tired of feeling overwhelmed and lacking in the results you’d like to see


Among the many things I am really grateful for in my life, one is the privilege to have met and to be coached by Fab. She just gets people, she gets me and goes straight to the point. No messing around.

Lorena Loriato

Working with Fab has been incredibly useful for a number of reasons. She's helped me streamline some of my business offerings, and look at where to focus my energies instead of trying to do everything.

Ceri Jones

Thanks to Fab’s expertise I now feel so much more confident with my Business Systems and know I have put the right steps into action.

Adam Willis, Personal Trainer

Consulting & Mentoring

We’ve been mentoring health & wellness professionals and bloggers for over 5 years. If you have magnificent dreams, and big, sequin-style boss pants ready to be filled, this is the right place. The beauty of mentoring is that each person will benefit from it in their own way – ideally we’ll set a set of goals to walk through, they are all unique but these are some of the common ones we have worked in the past: streamlining workload, finding the best tools for a more efficient marketing strategy, creating and executing an efficient PR and media plan, creating your first product/service.

About your Mentor

Fab Giovanetti is a serial entrepreneur, running various businesses aimed at supporting people making an impact in the health & wellness industry. She is known as the founder of the Health Bloggers Community, as well as other collaborations.  Through the HBC and her online mentoring, she touched over 100,000 people from all over the world – she is a keen speaker, writer, and published author, as well as guest lecturer at colleges such as CNM among others.
  • £ 97 Power Hour
  • Are you in need of quick-help, someone to solve that big problem that has been troubling you for weeks, and yet you cannot fix?

    Welcome to the power-hour – one tailored session to you and your needs. Loads of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small brands have been coming back again and again for this commitment-free session. This session will allow you to ask any question about your next launch, social media strategy or content. You can also use this session to set up an influencer campaign or anything else you may need support with.

    This service is for you if…

    You are looking for a clear answer to a burning problem you did not seem able to fix by yourself

    You want to refine your launch strategy before pushing your new baby into the world

    You are an entrepreneur, small business owner or influencer looking for direction in a easy and effortless way

    You need a step-by-step solution of how to maximise your marketing efforts

  • £ 275 6-Month Mentoring Program
  • This is a journey like no other: we do believe each person is different, and this is what we found through our mentorship program.

    With two monthly calls, session recaps and homework (as well as an extra 3 workshops to be booked throughout the six-month program) you’ll get a fast-track to your business growth.  Each person will benefit from it in their own way – ideally we’ll set a set of goals to walk through, tackling the skills needed in order to succeed in your own business.

    This service is for you if:

    You are a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur or small business owner looking to up-level your game

    You are looking to see tangible results and milestones in your current brand and business

    You have a genuine passion for helping others and being of service and need to reclaim their time and simplify their work in order to enjoy life more

    You are ready to develop a clear business strategy and refine your marketing plans following the steps Fortune 500 business swear by


Thanks so much for organising a really great event, and for working so hard! In particular, the branded cakes were brilliant, Chiara was fantastic, and all the attendees had a great time!

Leyla, founder of Pretty Athletic

“Fab is responsive, helpful and took time to understand the product and market. Very pleased with the marketing strategy going forward. Would recommend them!”

Prab, Founder of Chirrup Foods

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